Precursor is a small production with nature of the family economy. Operation in October, 2003. Establishment of Tin Phat plating workshop with:
  • 3 employees.
  • 3 tool machines.
Scope of activities: provision and repair of specialized plating machines.
* By February, 2008, activities expansion
   - Manufacturing electronic circuit board to control board replacement for other types of plating machines imported from China and Taiwan.
   - Maintenance of modern equipments specializing in the field of home appliances uncertainty for companies specializing in aluminum and stainless steel.
* By February, 2010 , continued investment and promote innovation in the field of engineering, manufacturing
   - Claw machine and machine strokes for the manufacturing industries of kitchen utensils .
   - Manufacturing  conveyypr belt, drying cabinets.
* By August, 2009 : To promote availability and serve more customers, we have established Hoang Tin Phat Production and Trading Co., Ltd..
   - Investment of modern machinery, precision, control program.
   - Designing and manufacturing precision mechanical engineering, mechanical processing for various conveyor belts, PLC - for Autonomous Robot.
   - The company has successfully made the automatic system of aluminum plated processes for kitchen utensils.
   - Also building and improving conveyor system for cleaning goods + spraying + automatic dryer for the kitchen appliances sector.
* By March, 2010: Company made powder coating system with new technologies successfully.
* By December, 2010 and until the current period: Manufacturing rotating cylinder plating system.
   With criteria “ Prestige – Quality- Safety” - Tin Hoang Phat Production and Trading Co., Ltd  always aims to serve the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country and the development of units guideline for all manufacturing operations.
    With the motto "Always dedicated customer service."
Receiving to provide, design and install the rectifiers specialized plating 0-10.000 A-DC
   - Receiving to supply power devices and electrostatic devices  in plating industry.
   - Repairing the machinery specialized plating.
   - Ensuring credibility and quality to customers.
   - More than 10 years -experience in electric plating industry.
   - Team of engineers graduating from Encyclopaedic University in Ho Chi Minh City and experienced workers.
In addition, we also provide the following equipment:
   - PLC - for the Autonomous Robot.
   - Refinery.
   - Pumped from the storage of chemicals.
   - Composits plastic  tanks, PP, PVC.
   - Conveyor system.
   - Automatic plating system
   - Conveyor systems of powder coating.